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Our mission

Cinefleur: the free inspirational magazine for floral and green lovers. Be inspired by personal stories of florists and garden centers. Every other month we highlight trends, inspiration and new products in collaboration with breeders, growers and industry suppliers. Cinefleur travels far and wide to find stories to be told and visualized through film and photography.
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What makes Cinefleur so unique? We provide you with the latest trends, floral inspiration, interviews and hotspots, all bundled in a beautiful and visual magazine.

The Cinefleur Team

The Cinefleur team consists of 6 professionals with a lot of knowledge and love for the floriculture sector. We have all the expertise
in-house. From the art of filmmaking to design, to social media. Our office is filled with plants. It is also a green oasis of plants and flowers in every one of our homes. Together we make this exciting magazine! Enjoy!

Cinefleur Team
Cinefleur Team